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About us


An ancient Russian city, Kostroma, is a pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia. In Kostroma there are more unique monuments of history, culture and architecture than in other places. More than that, traditional and national crafts are not forgotten such as: weaving, rolling and potter’s crafts, weaving from a rod and birch bark, scrappy sewing.

Kostroma is the jewelry capital of Russia. Kostroma is the cheese capital of Russia. Kostroma is the Snow Maiden’s motherland. Kostroma is the ancient land of berendeys.

The park hotel “ Berendeevka” is a modern complex for rest and entertainments which is situated in the ecologically clean region of Kostroma, in a man-made park at 90 hectares. This park, so-called “the forest in a city”, is very much healthy active rest, nice sleep, good appetite. The air is filled with smell of pine needles and freshness. The noise of streets doesn’t disturb anybody in the wooden country-styled houses. They are equipped with modern facilities and necessary household appliances. The hotel offers various categories of rooms: from standard to deluxe rooms.

The park management takes care of useful and qualitative pastime of the guests. We offers ponds with beaches and boat stations equipped with places for fishing and feeding aquatic birds, horse rides, paintball, promenade along the pond, walks in the park, visits to the local Zoo and games on a water.

The restaurant “Berendeevka” offers tasty and healthy food cooked by skilled chefs. Nowdays the restaurant is one of the most popular and available catering facilities in Kostroma.